How to Reach Your Business Goals by Marketing Strategy

By Jennifer Sakowski / January 24, 2017 /

Traditional marketing methods not working to get customers, increase your sales, and grow your business?  Reach your business goals by adding inbound to your marketing strategy this year.   Quick!  What did you do the last time you received a telemarketing call?  How about the last time someone knocked on your door asking you to listen to their…

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WordPress Wednesday #12 Tip – Adding Alt Tags to Images

By Jennifer Sakowski / January 18, 2017 /

Want to know a great way to easily improve your SEO ranking?  Then #WordPress Wednesday Tip 12 is for you!  One of the easiest ways to rank higher in Google searches is to add alt tags to your blog images.  How do you do this?  It’s easy if you follow the 4 steps in this…

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WordPress Wednesday #11 Tip – Creating A New Post

By Jennifer Sakowski / January 4, 2017 /

Resolve to blog more for your business in 2017?  Great!  Then this week’s #WordPress Wednesday Tip #11 – Creating a New Post is for you!  It’s so easy, you might just start blogging every day!  Let’s get started… 1. Hover over ‘Post’ on your Dashboard. 2. Click ‘Add New’. 3. Give your post a title.…

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