3 Types of Content Every Business Needs to Create to Maximize Conversions

By Jennifer Sakowski / February 21, 2017 /

Considering content marketing for your business? Smart move! According to Demand Metric, inbound marketing generates 3x more leads as outbound marketing and costs 62% less! But the same types of content don’t appeal to {and ultimately convert} all visitors to your website. You have to create specific content for people at different stages of the buyer’s journey.…

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WordPress Wednesday Tip #14 – Fixing Link Text Appearing with a Strikethrough

By Jennifer Sakowski / February 15, 2017 /

Have you ever been scrolling through the front end of your site and noticed a link with a strikethrough? You know that you didn’t add it, so what’s going on?  If you have a broken link plugin installed on your site, this is telling visitors that the link is broken. But what if you know…

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3 Ways {Not} to Curate Content for Your Twitter Followers

By Jennifer Sakowski / February 7, 2017 /

You work hard to provide valuable and useful information to your fans on Twitter.  But there’s a fine line between being helpful and flat out annoying.  And it’s a surprisingly easy line to cross.  Here are 3 ways not to curate content for your Twitter followers.    3 Ways NOT to Curate Content for Your Twitter…

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#WordPress Wednesday Tip #13 – Editing a Published Post

By Jennifer Sakowski / February 1, 2017 /

It happens to all of us. You’re hurriedly typing up a blog post trying to reach a deadline so you don’t let your readers down. Maybe you give it a quick once over and then hit publish. Later you notice it — a glaring typo. Ugh!   What’s a detail-oriented business owner to do? Are…

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