9 {Easy} Email Marketing Tips to Boost Your Small Business

By Jennifer Sakowski / May 30, 2017 /

It’s been the called the cockroach of the internet. It’s officially middle age. It’s {still} the #1 way businesses communicate. And it gives the highest return on investment of all marketing channels available today. What is it? Email!   When done well, email marketing has the potential to: • Generate new leads • Boost your…

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WordPress Wednesday Tip 21: How to Backdate a Blog Post in WordPress

By Jennifer Sakowski / May 24, 2017 /

Let’s face it. Sometimes life happens and you just weren’t able to get through your {ever growing} To Do List. And despite every intention, you didn’t publish today’s blog post. You’re pretty bummed because you know consistency is the key to growing {and keeping} your audience, improving your SEO score, and converting more leads into customers.…

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WordPress Wednesday Tip 20: How To Bulk Edit the Author of Blog Posts

By Jennifer Sakowski / May 10, 2017 /

A few weeks ago, we showed you how to change the author of a blog post. This is great if you only need to change one or two posts, but what if you need to edit several? Manually going into several posts is seriously time-consuming. And if there’s one thing more precious than gold, it’s time! Well, you’re in…

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4 of Our Favorite {Free} Tools to Manage a Small Business More Efficiently

By Jennifer Sakowski / May 2, 2017 /

What’s {almost} better than being a small business owner?  Having an entire week dedicated to it!  In case you didn’t know, this week is National Small Business Week – A time devoted to celebrating your hard work, can-do spirit, and a never-say-die attitude! But despite all that’s great about managing your business, there’s a lot…

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