Does Blogging Increase Website Traffic? What We Discovered

By Jennifer Sakowski / June 27, 2017 /

There’s a lot of debate as to whether blogging for your business is still relevant in today’s social media marketing environment. And is it any wonder? With new content formats and features emerging every day, it’s hard to keep up – let alone know how to invest your time and resources. So we dove deep…

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WordPress Wednesday 23: 12 WordPress Blogging Tutorials

By Jennifer Sakowski / June 21, 2017 /

a Do you follow us on Twitter? Then you know that this month we’re focusing on how to blog successfully for your business. For this week’s WordPress Wednesday, we thought we’d include all of our WordPress blogging tutorials in one handy post. So without further ado, here is WordPress Wednesday #23: 12 WordPress Blogging Tutorials.   12 WordPress…

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WordPress Wednesday Tip 22: Creating Anchored Menus in Divi

By Jennifer Sakowski / June 7, 2017 /

When someone visits your website, you want to make sure they have no problem finding what they’re looking for. And having a clear, easy-to-follow navigation menu is key. But what if you only have a one-page site? Is having a menu still necessary? Yes! But not the traditional menu that’s on a multi-page site. You…

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