WordPress Wednesday Tip 28: How to Create a Form with Gravity Forms

By Jennifer Sakowski / September 27, 2017 /

Almost every single website you visit includes at least one form somewhere on the site.  Chances are, yours does too.  Whether they provide visitors a simple way to contact you, sign up for your newsletter, or submit an order, forms are an essential part of your site and overall marketing funnel.  And the great news for…

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5 Steps to Develop a Content Marketing Funnel for Your Small Business

By Jennifer Sakowski / September 19, 2017 /

Did you know that 74% of people choose to do business with the first company to provide valuable and useful content? Or that 52% view more than 8 pieces of content from the company they give their business to?1 Read on and learn how to develop a content marketing funnel for your small business in…

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WordPress Wednesday Tip 27: Save Time In WordPress with Keyboard Shortcuts

By Jennifer Sakowski / September 13, 2017 /

If you follow us on social media and read our blog then you know this month we’re all about creating content marketing funnels. And you know that putting one (or more!) in place is going to help you convert more leads into customers – which means more work and revenue!  {Insert Cheers here!} But, that…

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Improve Your Conversion Rate with Content Funnels

By Jennifer Sakowski / September 5, 2017 /

Are you satisfied with your conversion rate? If not, you’re certainly not alone. Over 42% of business owners report that converting leads to customers is their biggest challenge. Read on for a great way to improve your conversion rate.   Can you believe yesterday was Labor Day?  Fall will be here before we know it…

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