How to Install a WordPress Theme

By Jennifer Sakowski / May 30, 2018 /

Creating a website from scratch can be rewarding as you are able to really design your website layout and how it will flow. However, not everyone has that kind of time or really that kind of ability. That is where WordPress themes come in. Read on to learn how to install WordPress Theme. How to…

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What Is a Plugin (And Why Do I Need Them)?

By Jennifer Sakowski / May 23, 2018 /

When you are building your website you want it to do all of these amazing things. Book appointments on the website, accept payments, show your live social media feed…the options go on forever. But how do you make your website do these fantastic things? Well you could be super skilled and code all of that…

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How to Install a Plugin On Your Website

By Jennifer Sakowski / May 16, 2018 /

When you are building a website or you want your site to do something special, you will find yourself needing to install a plugin.  While this is not a complicated task, it can sometimes leave you confused on exactly how to load the plugin. Today we are going to clear that up by explaining how…

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Maximize Your Email Campaign for 2018

By Jennifer Sakowski / May 15, 2018 /

Some business when they use email marketing struggle to get a good return on those emails.  They always ask questions like “How do I get more people to open them?” or “What good does this do for our advertising campaign?”  These are good questions and today we are going over seven great tips for email…

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How to Size Your Images In Your Blog Post

By Jennifer Sakowski / May 9, 2018 /

Sometimes when you add images inside your blog post they may not be the right size.  This is a quick and easy fix to make your images the right size for your post.   Step 1:  Login to your site and click on posts in the left hand menu. Step 2:  Choose which post your…

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How to Schedule a Blog Post

By Jennifer Sakowski / May 2, 2018 /

Sometimes you have a blog or post but it’s not quite time for it to go public yet.  Today we are going to teach you how to load that post and to schedule a time for it to post for you automatically.  Let’s get started.   Step 1: Once you are in your dashboard click…

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