3 More Ways Not to Curate Content on Twitter

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more ways not to curate content on twitter

Have you ever started following someone on Twitter only to regret it the next day?  Maybe their tweets have overtaken your feed?  Or their links direct you to spammy sites?  Or they don’t practice social sharing etiquette and pass off someone else’s content as their own?  From the popularity of last month’s post, 3 Ways {Not} to Curate Content for Your Twitter Followers, it seems that a lot of you have run across this.  

Could anything be more annoying?  Turns out when it comes to curating content on Twitter, yes there is!  So without further ado, here are 3 more ways {not} to curate content on Twitter.


3 More Ways {Not} to Curate Content on Twitter

1. Share the Same Article that Everyone and Their Brother How not to curate content on TwitterAlready Has

‘But wait!’ you’re say. ‘Isn’t that how something goes viral? And isn’t that kind of the point?’

Yes, and no.  

Yes.  You do want to share content that’s relevant to your followers, but you also want to be the go to source for great content that hasn’t already been seen.  And chances are, unless you’re sitting on Twitter all day long (and as a business owner, how likely is that?) you’re probably not first person to share it,  So just pass over that article that’s already been shared 5 dozen times.

Instead, stand apart from your competitors by taking the time to share content that’s harder for your customers to find on their own.  Trust us, the extra time it takes to find fresh, underground content will pay off with loyal followers that visit your profile first. 


2. Retweet from Only One Source


We all have a few favorite accounts.  You know, the ones that can be counted to always have something useful and valuable to say?  You rely on these to build your credibility and add value for your followers.

But nobody wants to see a replica of someone else’s feed on your account.  If that were the case, they’d just follow that account.

Instead, share information from a number of reputable sources to add variety for your followers and keep your feed fresh.

Tips for retweeting

3. Only Curate Content

People follow you because they want to know what you have to say – not
what everyone else has to say.  Keep them interested in you and your amazing brand by adding in your own thoughts, too.

So what’s a good mix?  About 50/50.  In other words, half of what you share on Twitter should be curated from other sources, while half should be your own original material.



Curating content for followers should be a core part of every business’ social media strategy.  It’s a great way to grow your audience, build your credibility, and become a valuable source of information for your customers.  But there’s a fine line between being helpful and annoying.  Especially when you curate content on Twitter.  Delight the followers you’ve worked so hard to gain by keeping these No No’s in mind as you’re retweeting.


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