5 Tips to BOOST your TWITTER Following

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5 Tips to Boost your twitter following

This article, “5 tips to boost your Twitter following” is a follow up from our previous post, “5 Tips to BOOST your FACEBOOK Following“. Getting started with Twitter can seem like an overwhelming task.  Lately we’ve heard, “I can only use 140 characters?” and “I have to use the pound sign?”  [Yes! Those are actual questions we have been asked.  Please note, that “thing” that looks like a pound sign, commonly called a number sign.  In the Twitter world it is know as a hashtag. Click the link to find out more from Twitter.]

Grab your password notebook.  Or if you have yet to join the Twitter world create an account now. Just remember to keep your handle consistent with your other handles.  ( A “handle” is what comes after the “/” in a social network url.  Ex: http:www.twitter.com/raneydaydesign.  “raneydaydesign” is our Twitter handle).  Let’s begin!


5 Tips to BOOST your TWITTER Following

  1. Post 3 to 5 tweets a day. Tweeting frequently will increase your likelihood of being seen by your ideal follower.
  2. Follow 5 new people or businesses each week. The more  you follow the more who will follow you in return.
  3. Retweet at least 2 relevant tweets each day.  Share the love of those you follow.
  4. Post to your other social networks to “Follow you on Twitter” (like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc). How will your ‘other’ fans or connections know you are on Twitter unless you tell them?
  5. Respond to those that retweet or mention you daily.  Keeping your followers engaged by showing them you appreciate their shout outs is a win-win!

Unsure if Twitter is the right social network for your business or brand?  Check out the following numbers.


Twitter Stats 2016

  • 1 billion unique visits monthly to sites with embedded tweets [with links]
  • 310 million monthly active users
  • 100 million daily active users
  • 65 million users in the US

(sources: https://about.twitter.com/ and http://expandedramblings.com/index.php/march-2013-by-the-numbers-a-few-amazing-twitter-stats/)



By connected Twitter Analytics to your account you will gain awesome data on your efforts. Simply click on your icon at the top right-hand corner of the screen.  Click Twitter Analytic to activate.


Happy Tweeting


5 Tips to BOOST your TWITTER FollowingJennifer {Raney} Sakowski

Founder & Chief Creative Officer of Raney Day Design. Raney Day Design is where we build brands that get results. Connect with Jen here on LinkedIn


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