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Hi there! My love for marketing, web design and social media started while in a leadership position at a nonprofit. While working with former professional athletes to share a message of Hope to students across the US, I realized the importance of online marketing and how maintaining that presence is vital to growing a business in the online world.  That is where Raney Day Design came about.  I wanted to help business ‘get’ how to leverage their business online.  I wanted to get small businesses noticed!

Expertise and experience in Social Media Marketing, Social Media Management, WordPress, SEO, CS5, email marketing, blogging and graphic design. 6+ years experience in event planning (corporate and social events). Energetic (which is usually coffee induced), annoyingly optimistic with a ‘never-say-die mentality’.”

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WordPress Wednesday #11 Tip – Creating A New Post

Resolve to blog more for your business in 2017?  Great!  Then this week’s #WordPress Wednesday Tip #11 – Creating a New Post is for you!  It's so easy, you might just start blogging every day!  Let’s get started… 1. Hover over 'Post' on your Dashboard. 2. Click 'Add...

#WordPress Wednesday Tip #10 – Managing Your Media Gallery

Ever wondered where all your images go once you upload them into WordPress posts or pages?  This week's #WordPress Wednesday Tip #10 - Managing Your Media Gallery will show you!  Let's get started...   #WordPress Wednesday Tip #10 - Managing Your Media Gallery   Every...

WordPress Wednesday Tip #9 – How To Add A Page

This week we are discussing for our WordPress Wednesday #9 Tip is How To Add A Page.  This is critical as sites tend to grow and change you need to know how to add new pages when necessary.  Let's get started! WordPress Wednesday Tip #9 - How To Add A Page   Hover...

WordPress Wednesday Tip #8 – Using Screen Options

This week is a real treat (no tricks here!)!  Ever wonder what "Screen Options" did?  You may have never even noticed this little WordPress feature, but we assure you that you will love learning about it.  Let's get started with today's #WordPressWednesday Tip #8 -...

WordPress Wednesday #7 – How To Edit A Page

Hi and we are back with #WordPressWednesday!  This week we will walk you through How To Edit A Page in WordPress.  This week's post is great for any newbie to WordPress! It is important to keep your content updated and to do that you need to edit the pages on your...

WordPress Wednesday Tip #6 – Managing Comments

This week's WordPress Wednesday Tip #6 -Managing Comments provides a quick overview of your "Discussion Settings" and how to (you guessed it) manage your site's comments.  If you are a WordPress newbie you may be thinking, "You said this post was about managing...

WordPress Wednesday Tip #5 – How to Edit Permalinks

Before we jump into this week's WordPress Wednesday Tip #5 - How To Edit Permalinks let's recap.  If you've been following along our series you should be able to... schedule posts add links in any post or page insert a picture into a post or page add featured images...

WordPress Wednesday Tip #4 – How to Add Featured Images

Great job keeping up with our #WordPressWednesday tips! Today we will be discussing Featured Images. Why are featured images important?  Think of these images as the book cover of your post or page.  It can show the tone/ mood or what the post or page is about.  It...

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