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Theresa Wray

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Hi! My love for writing started when I penned (okay – crayoned) my first story, The Lion, Rhinoceros, and Hunters in Vermont.  From that moment, I was hooked on stringing words into compelling messages.  Later this skill would serve me as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist where I helped others use words to grow and heal.

So how did this Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist find her way to helping professionals and businesses get noticed online through their words?  It started when I decided to open my own business and hired Jen to help me market my firm.  During this process, I learned how crucial it is for a business to create content that connects emotionally and rationally with clients, on both conscious and subconscious levels.  Who better to help businesses do that than a therapist who loves to write?  It just makes sense.



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Theresa manages our clients social media campaigns and posting.   From creating unique content and graphics to engaging with your audience Theresa can help grow your reach using social media!

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