We believe every business can use the internet to increase sales with the right strategy in place.  We are on a mission to create the strategy, implement the tools needed, and make each client successful through lead generation.

Raney Day Design is a creative marketing company that helps small businesses plan, develop, and implement online marketing strategies that generate leads for their business. To do that we start with designing and developing websites. 
Our vision is to live in a world where all small businesses have an online presence that they use to grow and sustain their business beyond their expectations.
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Jennifer Sakowski

Founder & CEO

Since October 2011, the focus was to help businesses “get found online”. Our philosophy has evolved to focus on sustaining businesses through lead generation. Lead generation leads to increased sales. If your business is profitable then we all are winning!

When a friend asked  “How do people find my business online?”, Raney Day Design was born.  At the time Jennifer was working for a nonprofit, bridging the gap between an awesome (but older) board of directors and charged with reaching their organization’s target audience, high school students. When they hired a local web company to rebuild their website, she knew that was something she could do.

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Our Team

Our team is made of creative designers, writers, marketers, and specialists with one goal in mind. To help your business succeed through proven marketing methods that achieve real results. It also means we guarantee each design, project, and meeting will be packed with as much energy as you can handle (also lots of love and coffee).

Company Culture

Raney Day Design is unique just like the individuals who serve here.  We stand out amongst the crowded online space of marketers.  We will not blend in when we were created to stand out. We are servant leaders.  We empower one another through kindness and respect.  We rally behind each other in struggles and celebrate each others’ victories.  Our company strives to serve each other including the clients who hire us. We strive to go above and beyond not just in the tasks we execute but how we show up for one another.  We are a TEAM here that trusts one another to do what is needed to get the job done. That is how we can be successful as a team and help us to go bigger every day. We choose JOY.  Because negativity will not get us to where we are going.  Gratitude is how we accomplish it day in and day out.  Meaning, we say THANK YOU a lot. We pay attention to our clients and to one another.  Our organization strives off of handling details like a boss.  We strive for growth, because we want to be better than yesterday. We are results-driven. Therefore we are on a mission to be intentional in ALL WE DO.  We may be bold in the actions we take but it is not without planning.  We ALL work hard to LIVE well.  We enjoy productive days and when we are checked in and online we CRUSH IT.  When we are offline we are fully present there.  ALL are welcome here.  We believe anyone can be a part of our team and sit at our table.  We serve a diverse audience therefore we welcome diversity with open arms. We are good stewards of what we are given and desire to bless others.  Therefore we give back 10% of what we make (profit) to charities and nonprofits.

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