Jennifer Sakowski

Jennifer Sakowski

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Jennifer Sakowski

Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Jennifer Sakowski’s (née, Raney) entrepreneurial journey began with a simple question. A friend once asked, “How do people find my business online?”, and, just like that Raney Day Design was born.  

At the time, the nonprofit where she worked charged Jennifer with bridging the gap between an awesome, but older, board of directors and the organization’s target audience, high school students. When the nonprofit brought in a local web company to rebuild the organization’s website, she realized that was something she could do herself. The internet, social media, and other channels such as ‘Ning’ (a big thing at the time!), piqued her interest. How could so many individuals be influenced, at one time, across the world, by one company or brand?

She set out to learn design tools like WordPress and Adobe CS3 and asked her friends who wanted to start a business if they’d hired her to help them get their businesses off the ground. (Spoiler: They did!). Working on these websites and marketing projects for friends, Jen discovered her passion.

Raney Day Design has certainly evolved from this humble origin story, spanning not only XX years of experience and hundreds of clients, but also the 350+ miles of Jen’s move from Indiana to Southwestern PA and adding “wife” and “mom” to her resume. Though Jennifer remains passionate about helping businesses succeed, she now applies that passion by connecting with the PEOPLE behind those businesses and leveraging the skills of her TEAM. She loves watching all of THEM succeed.

Jennifer is a digital marketing strategist by trade, but she’s a born problem solver. Her friends, family, team members, and clients describe her as ambitious, goal- & results-driven, and almost annoyingly optimistic. No one handles challenges with abundance grace, a smile, and a never-say-die mentality like Jen Sakowski!  When she is not talking to business owners about generating leads or leading RDD’s awesome “A-Team”, she applies her professional gifts to serving through Affiliated Women International and connecting with other women entrepreneurs at

When she finally logs out of the business, she completely disconnects to be present in her personal life because she has precious memories to make with her husband and their young son and daughter! Highlights at the Sakowski household include living for football games, ”PJ Masks” playing nonstop on the tv in the background, and throwing dance parties in the kitchen.

The wife-mom-boss combination isn’t always easy, but Jen’s secret sauce – and a signature catchphrase - for making it all work is caffeine and Jesus.