One of the most important – and dare we say, fun – parts of launching your WordPress website is keeping track of your site’s performance. Site visits, unique visitors, bounce rate, and other important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be easily tracked by adding Google Analytics onto your WordPress site.


While there are several different ways to do this, this week, we’re going to show your Divi users a really simple method that doesn’t require the use of a plugin which can slow your site’s performance!


Let’s get started.


WordPress Wednesday: How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress Without a Plugin


1.  Sign into your Google Analytics account. (Not signed up with Google Analytics and need help setting up your account? Click here.


2.  Click on the Admin Icon.

Add Google Analytics to WordPress without a plugin


3.  Click on ‘Tracking Info’ under ‘Property’.

add google analytics to website without plugin


4.  Click on ‘Tracking Code’.

how do i add google analytics to wordpress


5.  Copy the ‘Website tracking’ code onto your clipboard.

Adding Google Analytics to WordPress theme


6.  In a separate tab, log into your website.

7.  Hover over ‘Divi’ and click ‘Theme Options’. 

Add Google Analytics to WordPress without a plugin


8.  In the ‘Theme Options’ page, click the ‘Integration’ tab.

Add Google Analytics to WordPress


9.  Paste the code you copied from Google Analytics into the ‘Add code to the <body> (good for tracking codes such as Google Analytics) box and click ‘Save Changes’.

Adding Google Analytics to WordPress


10. Return to Google Analytics and click the ‘Send Test Traffic’ button. A new window will open & take you to the client’s website.  Click on a few pages. If the tracking code is working, the Google Analytics will show ‘x active users right now (including 1 from test traffic)’.

Add Google Analytics to WordPress without a plugin


So there you have it. You now know how to add Google Analytics to WordPress without using a plugin (or having to add code into your core WordPress files). 

Happy Tracking!


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