WordPress Wednesday #12 Tip – Adding Alt Tags to Images

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Adding Alt Tags to Images

Want to know a great way to easily improve your SEO ranking?  Then #WordPress Wednesday Tip 12 is for you!  One of the easiest ways to rank higher in Google searches is to add alt tags to your blog images.  How do you do this?  It’s easy if you follow the 4 steps in this week’s WordPress Wednesday Tip – Adding Alt Tags to Images!

WordPress Wednesday Tip #12 – Adding Alt Tags to Images


1. After you create your new blog post, upload and add any images you want to use in post.

2. Click on the photo in your media gallery. 

3.  You now have image information and options for your photo on the right hand of the screen.  Type in the Alt Text into the box. (Bonus SEO Tip: Use the same keyword or keyword phrase as the post)   

4.  Click ‘Insert into Post’ (or ‘Set Featured Image’ if this is the photo you are assigning an alt tag to).

add alt text to photo

Have you already inserted your image, or have published posts that you want to better optimize?  No problem!  

Adding Alt Tags to Images that have Already Been Inserted into a Post


1. Click on the photo in your post.  A strip of editing options will open.

2.  Click on the pencil icon.  The Image Details pop up will open.

adding alt tags to images

3.  Add your alt text to the image.  Don’t forget to your your post’s keywords.

4.  Click the blue ‘Update Image’ button in the lower right corner.

adding alt tags to images

You did it!  You added alt text to your image and have taken a step to improved search engine rankings!  Congratulations!


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