Are They Buying?

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Are They Buying?

The end goal of any website is to get the consumer to do something, as we talked about in our blog. It could be making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or even something as simple as getting them to contact you. But here is the catch, you don’t know if they are doing that. Google Analytics comes to the rescue! They have metrics to help you know exactly what your sales (or signups) are.


If your site sells something

Let’s say your website sells a product or service online, which we call an e-commerce site. Now, more than likely you have a cart option. GA (Google Analytics) has two main reports that you are going to want to watch: Cart-to-Detail Rate & Buy-to-Detail Rate. Now your cart-to-detail rate is how often a certain item or services is put into your cart. The buy-to-detail shows how often that product/services are purchased from the cart. You always have people that add things to a cart but never buy. These two reports will let you know which products/services people are interested in and which ones they actually buy. Use these to revamp what you offer and what your marketing should focus on.


If your site offers a download

If you have a downloadable offer like a form or an ebook, you should want to know how popular is that download. GA allows you to look per download item or per page to see how many times it was downloaded. This means you can see how successful it is and if it’s not you know to offer something else.

Applications and Questionnaires

Some websites have applications or questionnaires that they want the consumer to fill out. As we all know, not every person finishes filling these out. GA offers a goal abandonment rate report. This tells you how many people started the fill out process and how many actually completed it. It also gives you valuable information about where they are dropping out and where they are going after they leave the application. This can help you refine your application to something that people will complete.

Are They Buying?

Using GA to hone in your site is a smart idea. You can make your site amazing and also make it hard for people not to complete your call to action. You should use every resource available to you to snag those sales and put some cash in the bank.

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