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What Does Online Visibility Really Mean?

By Raney Day Design | July 13, 2022

If you search, “What is online visibility?” you’ll get almost 400 million results and a variety of brief descriptions for what’s actually a complex concept. You’ll find definitions such as: Online visibility is your overall online footprint. How often your website can be found on the web represents your online…

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Quick Wins with Google Listings

How to Get Quick Wins with Google Business Profile

By Raney Day Design | April 14, 2022

It’s the perfect time to learn how to get some quick search engine wins by leveraging Google Business Profile. For one, Google Business Profile is what is about to replace Google My Business, which will be phased out later this year. More importantly, Google is planning some changes that are…

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Why hire a digital marketing company

10 reasons to hire a digital marketing agency

By Raney Day Design | October 28, 2021

Wondering what is the need for digital marketing for your business? Confused about whether you should hire a digital marketing expert for your startup or not? Read to know why you should hire a digital marketing agency and find the secret sauce to establish your presence online. Uses of Digital…

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Two Important Reasons to Use Alt text for Images

Two Important Reasons to Use Alt text for Images

By Raney Day Design | October 20, 2021

Including images on your webpages and blog posts engages people, breaks up text, and helps to communicate your message. In fact, research suggests that the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text! So, using images is crucial for your website. In addition, we have two reasons why it’s…

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Media & Text Block Featured

Adding Media and Text Blocks to WordPress | Raney Day Design

By Raney Day Design | July 14, 2021

We’ve reviewed how to add media blocks to your WordPress Website, as well as how to add paragraph blocks. But did you know there’s a block option to place media – a video or an image – with text that appears side-by-side? This is handy when you want to really…

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Website Smart Goals

What’s the Goal of Your Website?

By Raney Day Design | July 1, 2021

So, you want a “great” website. Or maybe you’re ready for a makeover, and you’re thinking, “we want to improve our website.” Well, do you know exactly what you mean by that? In other words, do you know what the goal of your website is? It’s easy to get caught…

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What Are WordPress Widgets

What Are WordPress Widgets?

By Raney Day Design | June 16, 2021

Simply put, a widget adds content to your website’s sidebars or other areas like the footer. Widgets allow you to drag and drop blocks of text for specific purposes. Widgets allow you to add elements to your website without needing to know any code. Some widgets are static content, such…

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Organizing Your Blog with Tags

About WordPress Tags and How to Use Them

By Raney Day Design | June 2, 2021

Last time, we talked about organizing your WordPress site with categories. Well, there’s a second option for organizing your content in WordPress: tags. Both offer ways to group content by topic, but they vary slightly in their specific jobs. So, what are WordPress tags, and how do we use them?…

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Organizing Your Blog with WordPress Categories

By Raney Day Design | May 19, 2021

Both categories and tags allow you to organize your blog content on WordPress, which helps you keep track of your posts and helps your visitors find what they need. It’s important to understand the difference between the two in order to know how to use them correctly and effectively. Notice…

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How to Add a Page Break Block to WordPress

By Raney Day Design | May 12, 2021

Today’s WordPress Wednesday is brought to you by the page break block. As always, we like to kick off with two things: A general understanding of how to navigate the WordPress block editor is always helpful. You can get that overview HERE. Why the heck adding a particular type of…

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