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How to Change Uncategorized Default on WordPress | Raney Day Design

By Raney Day Design | March 24, 2021

As always, we deal with first things first! Before we get into how to change the default setting for blog posts from “Uncategorized” to something else, you might want to know the reasons why the default should be change. Also, maybe you want to know: “Is this tips really for…

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Why Your Website Needs a Makeover

By Raney Day Design | March 18, 2021

Have you ever encountered one of those women who’s still rocking her hairstyle from the 80s? Well, that’s how your business looks if it’s been more than a couple of years since your website had a makeover. The internet moves much faster even than fast fashion, so you can end…

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404! How to Fix Broken Links on Your WordPress Site

By Raney Day Design | March 10, 2021

Getting a 404 message for a broken link is the worst! Learn how to fix broken links on your WordPress website.

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What Is Online Visibility and How to Get It

By Raney Day Design | March 3, 2021

There’s a reason we call it a “web address.” Your website is your online location for showcasing your business and the unique solution it offers. Naturally, you want to “drive traffic” to your site just as you hope customers will drive to your physical store (if you have one). But…

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How to Add a Meta Description to a Website Page

By Raney Day Design | February 24, 2021

Meta descriptions are one of the elements that signal to search engines (think: Google) that your site has what the user is searching for. Therefore, a meta description should persuade users that “this” is the best place to go for the information they are searching for and get them to click on it. Good meta descriptions will help you show up in search results.

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Why You Need a Care Plan

By Raney Day Design | February 10, 2021

Remember all the hard work that went into creating your WordPress Website? You made sure the design was appealing and easy to navigate. You pored over every syllable of copy to make sure your brand message and unique value was clear. You ensured the site took visitors on a journey to convert them from leads into prospects and prospects into customers. Make sure you protect the investment of money, time, and energy that went into your site by signing up for a care plan.

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How to Install a Plugin on Your WordPress Site

By Raney Day Design | January 27, 2021

Raney Day Design shows you how to install a WordPress plugin.

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Better Than a DIY Website

By Raney Day Design | December 17, 2020

A Better Solution than a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) WordPress Website As a business owner, do not settle for anything less than a WordPress website. In an upcoming post, we’re going to get into detail about why and how WordPress is the option for business websites and the drawbacks of building a site on…

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Why is Two-Factor Authentication Important | Raney Day Design

By Raney Day Design | December 9, 2020

Have you noticed some extra steps you’re taking to log into some of your accounts lately? From a security standpoint, logging into an account is the most vulnerable thing you do online. Therefore, sites are applying additional ways to secure your (and their) safety during logins. Two-step or two-factor authentication…

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How to Include Quote Blocks on Your WordPress Website

By Raney Day Design | November 18, 2020

Quotes allow you to draw attention to an inspirational quote, the key part of an analysis, or a profound statement you want to make sure visitors don’t miss. There also helpful as yet another way of breaking up blocks of text and making your page or post more scannable and…

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