WordPress Wednesday Tip 21: How to Backdate a Blog Post in WordPress

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WordPress Wednesday How to backdate a blog post in wordpress

Let’s face it. Sometimes life happens and you just weren’t able to get through your {ever growing} To Do List. And despite every intention, you didn’t publish today’s blog post. You’re pretty bummed because you know consistency is the key to growing {and keeping} your audience, improving your SEO score, and converting more leads into customers. But, if you use WordPress, don’t sweat it! Today, we show you how to backdate a blog post in WordPress.


Ready? Let’s get started.


WordPress Wednesday Tip #21: How to Backdate a Blog Post in WordPress

If the Post is Already Published

1. Navigate to your Dashboard. Hover over ‘Posts’ & click on ‘All Posts’.
How to Backdate a Blog Post in WordPress
2. Scroll through your list of blogs. When you find the blog you want to change, hover over it and click ‘Quick Edit’.
WordPress Wednesday Tip 21 How to Backdate a Blog Post in WordPress
3. The Quick Edit options will expand. Change the date to the one you want to show as your blog post’s publication date. When finished, click ‘update’.
Wordpress wednesday tips How to Backdate a Blog Post in WordPress

If the Post Hasn’t Been Published


1. From the Dashboard, hover over ‘Posts’, & click on ‘Add New’.


how to change the publication date of a blog post


2. Write your post as you normally would. (For help adding a new post, click here). When it’s finished, go to the ‘Publish’ section. Enter the date you want the post to show as being published and click okay. Then click ‘Publish’.


WordPress Tips how to backdate a blog post


That’s it! Pretty easy, right? Now you can show consistency in your blogging schedule.

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