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5 Must Have Elements of a Landing Page that Converts

A few days ago, we were at an event and overheard a group of small business owners talking about landing pages.   “I don’t know,” one said. “I think it’s just a page on your website.” “I’m not really sure what they’re for,” remarked another....

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9 Easy Ways to Build Trust with Your Website

You probably know that the majority of us (a whopping 81%) conduct online research before making a purchase. But, did you know that the most common way people gather information is by visiting company websites?  It’s true!  After conducting an online...

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Improve Your Conversion Rate with Content Funnels

Are you satisfied with your conversion rate? If not, you’re certainly not alone. Over 42% of business owners report that converting leads to customers is their biggest challenge. Read on for a great way to improve your conversion rate.   Can you...

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