Blogging Basics 101

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Blogging Basics 101

Blogging has taken the world by storm and since Justin Hall began blogging in 1994, it has become THE way to communicate, both for individuals and businesses alike. The most asked question is what makes a great blog? How do I write a blog that people will want to read? For businesses this is especially important as blogs can be used to inform consumers about their products and industry. When it comes to blogging we can help. Welcome to Business Blogging 101.


Know Your Audience

First things first, you need to know who you are writing for. With a business blog that means you are writing for your target demographic. You need to keep it short, sweet, informative and to the point. Write what you know. When you are passionate about your subject, it shows in your writing. Use your blog to create a relationship with your consumer base.


Your Title

Come up with a title that is descriptive and catchy. This will be the first point of contact with your reader and you want to make sure it is something that catches their attention and makes them want to read your blog.


Opening Paragraph

The next important part is your opening paragraph. If you can’t hook them in the first few sentences then they won’t read the whole thing.


Format Your Content

Think of your blog as a conversation between you and the reader. Keep it relaxed and informal while still giving them good, quality information. People do not want to be sold to, they want to be taught. Don’t be in a hurry to push your sales pitch. Give them information about your service industry instead of saying your company is the best and here is why. You can definitely use a call to action asking them to use your company as the end of you blog, but it shouldn’t be everything your blog is about.


Include links in your blog if possible. You can reference facts from other sites as well as reference other pages on your website. This will also help in your SEO efforts for having internal and external links in your post. Keep variety  in your blog. Break it up with bullet points or headers to name a few. You can even use graphics but you want to make sure you don’t overuse images.


Keep track of your word count as the average business blog is between 500 – 700 words. This gives them important information without boring them.


Listen to Your Readers

Watch for comments on your blog. It could be a simple as great job or it could be someone sharing other information they know about the subject. Respond to these comments to show readers you are engaged with them. Take all negative comments with a grain of salt and a challenge to continue to better your writing.  Blogging is a bit of trial and error to see what is going to interest your readers. Their comments will help you narrow down what subjects they want to see.


Market Your Blog

Finally, don’t forget to share your blog. Blast it across all your social media networks.  People won’t read it if they don’t know it’s there.By using multiple social networks your reach increases.  


Blogging is a great tool for businesses to connect with clients and create a relationship which will inspire brand loyalty. Share, share and share some more!


The fact is, blogging may not come easy to you.  The more you write and post, the easier it will become.  Keep writing, keep posting, because you have a product and or service worth sharing!

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