Build Enduring Relationships with Your Customers with Email Marketing

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RDD Blog_April 2023_Build Enduring Relationships with Your Customers with Email Marketing

Email may be ancient compared to most of today’s digital tools, but it’s far from dead. There, we said it!  In fact, it remains a crucial tool for sales and marketing for your business. 

Have you considered what could happen if someone new buys your favorite social media platform and changes how everything works (again!)? Or if the site were to crash?

Did you capture your followers’ names? Emails?!  How are you going to reach them now – smoke signals? 

And think about it: The more followers you have, the more at risk you are if that audience goes “POOF!” with a platform change! That seems backwards to us.

You don’t have to abandon your social media following, but to better manage customer relationships, what you also need is 

  • A means to communicate that belongs to you — and where you make the rules 
  • The opportunity to interact with your contacts based on their engagement 
  • Automations that keep nurturing your leads, engage your current customers, and drive sales

Email marketing allows your business to stay in regular contact with your audience, reach customers in real time, increase your brand awareness, and target messages to people at all stages of the buying cycle. 

Plus, email marketing beats social media marketing every day of the week. When compared to social media marketing, email marketing….

  • Is 40x more effective for acquiring new customers
  • Performs 6x better at improving your click-through rates
  • Averages $44 ROI on every $1 spent
  • Is perceived as a more personal touch
  • Belongs to you – and not some algorithm-changing billionaire

Research shows that over 90 percent of people check their email every day

If you don’t have an optimized email marketing strategy, you’re missing out on the opportunity to get the right message, to the right people, at the exact right time. 

But it can be challenging – especially for small businesses – to keep up with email marketing systems and trends to ensure that your system is working as hard as it can for your business.

Let Us Help You Automate and Manage Your Client Relationships with Email Marketing

From basic monthly newsletters and seasonal updates to email nurture campaigns, we can help you track your customers, increase your leads, and build better relationships with your clients.

We can take your cumbersome customer spreadsheets and integrate them into our email marketing and CRM software. Or we can migrate your existing email management data into our proven system.

Plus, we’ll create the automated system you need to to grow your email list and nurture your ideal clients, leading them to becoming loyal buyers and sources for referrals.

Let us help you with your email marketing efforts to increase your leads, nurture your audience, and track your customers along their buying journey.

Work with Raney Day Design for

  • A system to organize and track your clients’ contact data (No more Excel spreadsheets!)
  • A simple and effective way to track leads
  • Automated client follow-up and lead-nurturing campaigns
  • The ability to engage with and listen to your clients
  • Gathering reviews for your business
  • Mapping out sales cycles

Learn More about Working with Raney Day Design for Your Email Marketing Needs

Schedule a free consultation to discover how we can help you meet your goals with an effective customer relationships strategy. 

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