What Are WordPress Widgets

What Are WordPress Widgets?

By Raney Day Design | June 16, 2021

Simply put, a widget adds content to your website’s sidebars or other areas like the footer. Widgets allow you to drag and drop blocks of text for specific purposes. Widgets allow you to add elements to your website without needing to know any code. (Tell the truth: Were you afraid…

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Organizing Your Blog with Tags

About WordPress Tags and How to Use Them

By Melissa Lehman | June 2, 2021

Last time, we talked about organizing your WordPress site with categories. Well, there’s a second option for organizing your content in WordPress: tags. Both offer ways to group content by topic, but they vary slightly in their specific jobs. So, what are WordPress tags, and how do we use them?…

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Two-Factor Authentication for WordPress Sites and Why It’s Important

By Raney Day Design | December 9, 2020

Have you noticed some extra steps you’re taking to log into some of your accounts lately? From a security standpoint, logging into an account is the most vulnerable thing you do online. Therefore, sites are applying additional ways to secure your (and their) safety during logins. Two-step or two-factor authentication…

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How to Include Quote Blocks on Your WordPress Website

By Raney Day Design | November 18, 2020

Quotes allow you to draw attention to an inspirational quote, the key part of an analysis, or a profound statement you want to make sure visitors don’t miss. There also helpful as yet another way of breaking up blocks of text and making your page or post more scannable and…

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Working in a Paragraph Block in WordPress

By Raney Day Design | September 9, 2020

Paragraph blocks might not be the sexiest, but they’re going to be the “bread and butter” of the content you’ll be adding to your pages and posts. So, it’s super important to have a solid grasp of how to edit within these workhorse blocks. As you may already know, when…

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Are Your Plugins On The Blacklist?

By Raney Day Design | April 16, 2019

Sometimes good plugins go bad. This can happen for several reasons: they become outdated, there are no revisions or support, or they become redundant. Whatever the reason, these plugins end up on the blacklist. This means that servers won’t allow them or they don’t play nice with them. Before you…

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