Don’t Like the New Editor?

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Don’t Like the New Editor?

Hello and welcome to this week’s WordPress Wednesday. It’s our last video in the series of working with the new Gutenberg editor – specifically, what to do if you simply don’t like it.

Why Don’t People Like the Gutenberg Editor?

Some people just don’t like change. Others don’t want to learn a new editor because they were accustomed to using the old one and knew how to use it well. Why should they learn something new when they were good at using the editor the way it was? A few people, we suspect, were so good at getting the old editor to do exactly what they wanted it to do, they now find the new editor to be limiting.

Apparently, enough people were displeased with the new editor to prompt WordPress to develop a solution for those folks. They’ve dubbed that solution the Classic Editor.

How Do I Switch from Gutenberg to the “New” Classic Editor?

You need a plugin! It allows users to create their website content with the old editor instead of Gutenberg. We’re going to walk you through what happens when you install and activate the plugin.

In the video, you’ll see that we start in the new Gutenberg editor. We’ve already installed the plugin but have it deactivated at the moment. What happens when we reactivate the plugin is what you can expect when you install and activate the plugin on your WordPress site. Like magic, it brings back the editor you’re already familiar and happy with.

Once you’ve done this, everything will go back to “normal,” and you can create content the way you’ve been used to adding pages and posts to your site. So if you don’t want to figure out all the twists and turns involved in using the new, Gutenberg editor – OR if you have figured it out but hate it anyway – the Classic Editor eliminates your frustrations.

At the End of the Day – You Need an Editor that Words for You

We appreciate you for tuning into our WordPress Wednesday posts. Our goal is to be helpful so that you can at least make basic changes to your site as the needs come up. If you have any burning questions about using WordPress, shoot them our way, and we’ll do our best to help you here with how-tos.

Next week, we’re turning to a different subject for WordPress Wednesdays. Stop back soon to learn about how to work with Google Analytics and which measures are the best for you to keep an eye on.

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