Don’t Think A Website Is Important? Think Again

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Don't Think A Website Is Important? Think Again


It may sound hard to believe but EVERY business needs a website, no matter how small the business is. While you may think it’s just a waste of time and resources, honestly you can’t afford to not have a website. We know we keep saying it (and really we can’t say it enough) but let us tell you why you need it.

Open all the time.

By having a website your customers can learn about your business or make a purchase no matter what time of day it is. This means you can open up your business to international customers if you wanted to. So if you aren’t available and you need to be closed, then you aren’t missing out on valuable revenue. You can also set up an FAQ page to answer the most common questions that people call you for. Having a website will save you time and give you another area of revenue.

Grab the younger market

A lot of shoppers today are part of the younger generations that grew up using technology and the internet. So they do a lot of shopping on computers and mobile devices. If you don’t have a website, you aren’t going to be found and they will do their shopping with your competitors. As a side note, younger shoppers are more impulsive than older generations. So getting found first is a big deal as they tend to go with the first company they find. 

Gives credibility

When shoppers look for a company to buy from they look online. If you have a good professional website it tells them you care about how you are perceived and that you are a good company to buy from. However, if you have a sloppy and poorly designed site, you will lose customers as they have no faith that the product or service is worth it. Take Macy’s for example. When you go to their site, you know they are a large company and safe to buy from. 

Having a website is more than just a page thrown up on the internet. It really holds more power than you think. There are some businesses that only advertise by word of mouth and referrals and if that works for them then it’s ok. But for most businesses, it’s not enough and if you are represented online, then you are missing out. 

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