9 {Easy} Email Marketing Tips to Boost Your Small Business

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Email Marketing Tips to Boost Your Small Business

It’s been the called the cockroach of the internet. It’s officially middle age. It’s {still} the #1 way businesses communicate. And it gives the highest return on investment of all marketing channels available today. What is it? Email!


When done well, email marketing has the potential to:

• Generate new leads

• Boost your website traffic

• Increase your sales

• Nurture customer relationships

• Build brand loyalty


Are you leveraging this powerful {and cost-effective} tool to your advantage? Are you doing everything possible to make sure your subscribers open, read, and act upon your emails? If not, or if you want to make your email campaigns more effective, read on for 9 {Easy} Email Marketing Tips to Boost Your Small Business.


9 {Easy} Email Marketing Tips to Boost Your Small Business


1. Make It Easy to Subscribe to Your Email Listsmall business email marketing tips

Include email opt-ins throughout your website and on your social media accounts. But don’t scare away potential subscribers. Request only the minimum contact information. Asking for too much {or unnecessary} info stops people from signing up.


2. Drive Traffic to Your Site

Improve the odds that someone will visit your website while reading your email by adding several links to your site throughout your message. It’s okay to link to the same page more than once, but be sure to include at least one above the fold.


3. Use Average Reader Stats as a Starting Point

Use tools within your email marketing automation service to optimize subject lines, subject character counts, and send times. One caveat though, don’t marry the stats. As you send more campaigns, track your results. Get to know your readers and create campaigns around what they respond best to.


4. Increase ConversionsEmail Marketing Tips for Small Business

Convert more leads by running A/B tests with your email campaigns. This will help you figure out what works best for your particular audience and get better results from your efforts. Once you learn what your readers respond to, apply what works to your future campaigns.

5. Optimize for Mobile

With more than half of Americans checking their email on a mobile device, make sure you’re optimizing them for mobile by making them easily to read.

• Keep emails short

• Use headlines

• Break up large chunks of text


6. Use Permission Based Lists

Make sure you have someone’s permission before adding them to your email subscriber list. Not only is the polite and respectful thing to do, it’s also the legal thing to do. Every day, marketers and businesses inadvertently spam others by not following the CAN-SPAM Act. Don’t be one of them.


7. Use Images This Way

Most images don’t show in a subscriber’s email unless they specifically opt to see them. Adding clear alt tags, title text, and hyperlinks to images increase the chance that readers will click on them because they know what they’re clicking on and why they’re clicking on it.


8. Grow Your Email List Organically9 {Easy} Email Marketing Tips to Boost Your Small Business

Grow your email list without lifting a finger by encouraging your current subscribers to share your emails with their own networks. Make it easy for them by including social sharing & ‘Email a Friend’ buttons in your emails.


9. Increase Open & Click-Through Rates

Maximize your open and click-through rates by personalizing your emails. Keep them friendly, conversational, and focused on providing value. Refer to the subscriber by name by adding merge tags, and tailor content for particular groups of subscribers by segmenting your subscriber list.


So there you have it. 9 {Easy & Actionable} Email Marketing Tips to Boost Your Small Business. Are you excited and ready to start? Let us know which tip you’re going to use first in the comments and keep us posted on your results!

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