Frontend Developer

We're in search for a part time Frontend WordPress Developer.

We're looking for an individual that loves to problem solve technical issues that arise behind a beautiful WordPress website.  This person also gets excited about transforming a beautifully laid out Figma design into a live working site.  Our ideal developer also likes to peak into the SEO side and can be a master implementor working with our SEO specialist.

Another great quality is if they want to be a part of an online culture that gets excited about seeing our client's wins get posted in slack and knowing they are a part of making that happen. He/she/ they are motivated by being a part of a team that is truly about lifting each other up, over-communicating, being a servant leader, striving to go above and beyond in tasks, paying attention to details, being results-driven, and finding JOY whenever possible. (Read more about our Culture here).

About us

Raney Day Design (RDD) - the name "Raney Day Design" comes from Jennifer's (our company's Founder & CEO) maiden name. Originally Raney Day Design was started as a side business to help friends and family figure out how to start their businesses.  Our company originated in the state of Indiana in the fall of 2011.  In the following year, Jennifer moved to Pennsylvania where she resides now.

Needless to say, we weren't sure moving the business over 350 miles that it would take off but we quickly gained momentum for it to be what it is today.

We love building business websites that deliver amazing results! We help small businesses and organizations (5-50+ employees ideally with a physical location) looking to reinvent and formulate their online presence with a website that is on-trend with design, well-coded and flexible enough to grow with the business as it grows. We work with our clients to build a digital marketing strategy, using our Impact Blueprint, which includes a well-built website, monthly SEO/SEM, regular quality content,  and other resources for online growth. It’s important for us to create ongoing personal relationships with our clients and facilitate the roles of a dedicated webmaster and support team. We've worked hard to have a very deep list of legacy clients (who have been with us for 7+ years).

Why Work For Us?

  • Our office is completely virtual…which means you can wear yoga pants, or pajamas, or anything!  We are all virtual and Slack is our ‘office’. (But, if you find yourself in PA you better believe Jen's going to want to meet up occasionally... watch out she's a hugger).
  • The team is awesome. We have a small, friendly team. We like to share photos of our kids, our fur babies and of course our favorite eats.  We all work hard to play well and we enjoy sharing about it.
  • The work is fun and satisfying.  If you love tinkering with code, building great sites, being challenged with support tickets and problem-solving more ways we can provide unique user experiences to our customers online,  you will absolutely love this job.
  • We aren’t big on stress. While we love to see customer’s problems solved quickly, we aren’t creating oxygen,  so there’s rarely a problem that causes our blood pressure to rise! We are big on mental health and taking care of our team members.
  • The hours are super flexible. We will create a routine that works for you.  Do the morning hours work best for you? No problem.  Would you rather work a little in the morning and some mid-afternoon (maybe while the baby naps)?  We can do that too. Our office hours are 9am EST to 4pm EST.  We strive to overlap everyone's hours so we continually build on our sense of online community.
  • You are in control of your destiny.  If you are just looking for a few hours a day long term,  that’s OK.   But if you decide you want to grow your role, that’s great also.

Strengths and skills we're looking for:

  • At least 3+ years of experience developing WordPress websites.
  • A problem solver, willing to look for answers.
  • Confidence in coding HTML5, CSS3, PHP and JavaScript.
  • Fully understands responsive coding.
  • SEO best practices especially working with Google webmaster tools.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Comfortable communicating directly with clients.
  • Experience in cross-browser compliance issues.
  • Experience in web hosting performance and security issues.

Bonus strengths and skills:

We're looking for an all-around all-star... so you'll be super duper successful with us if you also have:

  • Experience using ClickUp.
  • Comfortable when designs are built for you in Figma.
  • Worked in an environment processing support tickets.
  • Can quickly assess incoming tasks, provide feedback and prioritize them into your workload.

Who this is not for:

  • Someone who’s always right or feels the need to ‘pass the buck’ when mistakes happen. We’re all human… and humans make mistakes but we push each other to take ownership in all we do!
  • Someone who isn’t comfortable with being challenged to try something new, do it a different way or get out of their comfort zone.
  • Someone who asks questions without first working out what information is needed to answer the question or how they might answer the question themselves if there was no one about to ask.
  • Negative nancies.  We believe negativity will not get us to where we are going.  We choose to look for the good in situations even when they are painful learning opportunities.

What you’ll do (but also not limited to these tasks):

  • Use a help desk software (Zendesk) to monitor incoming support tickets with the help of our other team members.
  • Respond to customers with answers to their questions or to gather details about their issue
  • Troubleshoot or research software or technical issues
  • Quickly resolve tasks like editing page content, fixing site errors or posting new content on client sites.
  • Build WordPress Website from a set of designs to launching them on our server.
  • Document.  I'm sorry it's a necessary evil but we document a LOT so we are better for the next project.

We hire for strengths – not job positions or job descriptions.

We’re a small company with some big goals! …we work hard to get our clients results and we have some fun while we get the work done.

If you can build a WordPress website, follow our workflow (and even help to optimize it...), and love being a part of a team of ambitious creatives then you'll fit right in!

It’s important to us that you enjoy what you do, so we’ll find ways to move you towards the tasks you enjoy doing and that come more easily to you within the business.

Job details:

  • This is a part-time, subcontractor position.
  • The schedule is 10-25 hours a week.

In addition to being a problem solver,  you must follow our systems and processes. In fact, just to prove that you can follow procedures, when you apply for this position in the subject line of the email you must include “I'm the one”. Yes, that’s our little trick to sort out the people who blanket send their resumes to anyone and everyone, from the folks (like you) who are truly interested in this position.

We are looking to bring our new team member on board as soon as possible but will spend the necessary time to find the best fit both in abilities and culturally. One thing that will give you a BIG leg up (but is optional) is to send a quick video in the email follow-up after you fill out the application.  In your video tell us why you think you’re perfect for this job and why you will rock this position. This is purely for us to get a sense of your personality. And if you decide not to send a video (that’s ok), please tell why you chose not to send in a video.

We can’t wait to meet you!

How to apply: 

  1.  Click on this link to complete your application online.
  2.  Email with the subject line: "I'm the one". Include your optional video as mentioned above and let us know you filled out the online application.