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Get Divi Bonuses

Like any good theme, plugins give them even more functionality. Your site should be just as unique as your business. If your website is created using the Divi theme then you are in luck. There are many plugins that you can use to give your website that little extra something.


DiviBooked is a great plugin if your business requires your leads or current clients to book appointments. This plugin is designed specifically to work with Divi and allows them to book appointments by choosing the day and hours you are open. This plugin will work on all browsers which is a big plus. Some of the features of this plugin include allowing for multiple calendars to be used and will allow reservations to be set. You can create custom fields and custom times. If you charge for your appointments, this plugin will work with WooCommerce allowing them to pay right there on the site.

Facebook Comments Module

Something that is recommended for websites is the ability to post comments on your website from their Facebook profiles. Usually, these comments are done on blogs found on your website. It is simple to install and simple to set up for your site. It does give you the ability to sort comments by offering filters. You can choose how many will show and you can even link it to a Facebook account or app so you can moderate comments as they come in.

Menu Module for Restaurants

If you own a restaurant then this a great plugin for you. It will help you create an online menu to showcase your food options. It’s really easy to set up. You open the plugin menu and then you are able to set the description of the item. You can choose what group it’s in (appetizer, entrée, dessert, etc.). Then you create a new entry, give the name of the dish, create the description, and set the price. That’s it! Easy peezy. It’s a great way to give customers a chance to take their time in deciding what they want to order.

Plugins make websites function beyond the original theme. Now, these are just a few examples of the 48 plugins that have been created just for Divi. Unlike plugins that are created to work within any theme, these plugins are created to mesh and work without conflict when you use the Divi theme. Next week we wanna talk about our other big favorite theme, BeaverBuilder. See you then!

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