Get the Beaver Builder Extras

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Get the Beaver Builder Extras

We talked about the Beaver Builder theme last week and we mentioned the awesome Beaver Builder plugins that work well with that theme. Well, today we are going to go more in depth about those plugins and what makes them so amazing.

Beaver Builder Plugin

The Beaver Builder plugin is an absolute need for anyone building a website. One of the great advantages to this plugin is that you can use it on ANY WordPress theme. Yep, you heard us right, ANY WordPress theme. This plugin makes any theme a drag and drop design and allows you to customize your theme to make it exactly what you want. This is such a time saver since you don’t have to know a drop of code to be able to make your site dazzle. If you really want the WOW factor for your site, it’s a great idea to get this plugin. As an added bonus, this plugin is already mobile optimized so what you build with it will already be ready for mobile. It is really is worth its weight in gold..or wood if you’re a beaver.

Beaver Builder Themer

We all love extra little bonuses. May I introduce the Beaver Builder Themer. This plugin gives you so many new possibilities for creating your website pages. Certain parts of a website build, like headers, footer, the way your blog posts are laid out, these are usually pretty standard. Not anymore. We use this plugin to change the normal into something unique and totally you. Now your whole site is customized for your business, not just the main part. The best part is that you can take it for a test drive before you purchase it. They give you access to a free demo to see if it’s something you want. Try before you buy. Now that’s the smart way to build your site.

Beaver Builder is an amazing theme with so many resources to help you make your site attention-grabbing and where it completely represents your business. You know your business inside and out but when it comes to your website, it has to really show who you are and what your business is all about. It’s the first impression that you will get with potential buyers. So use the best themes and make it all your own. Oh, we almost forgot. There are so many additional plugins and even course you can take to get more familiar with Beaver Builder. Here is a list of those and other plugins that play nice with Beaver Builder. Next week it’s all about SPAM, the not so yummy kind. See you there!

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