Gutenberg: The New WordPress Update

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Gutenberg: The New WordPress Update

We are sure you have heard about Gutenberg by now, the newest release from WordPress. With it being the new kid on the block, there are mixed reviews on how well the new release works. We know the new update can be confusing, so we wanted to sit down with you and go over what Gutenberg is all about and let you know what’s good and bad with the new update.

Why did they release Gutenberg?

A quick overview of what it is, Gutenberg is the new updated version of the WordPress editor. As the new updates came in for WordPress, it made the “classic” version of editor outdated. More and more users were preferring the drag and drop aspects of other platforms like Wix and Squarespace. The WordPress creators upgraded the editor of the platform to something similar. Previously you needed additional plugins like Elementor or Divi Builder to use a simpler drag and drop method. Cool fact: this update is named after Johannes Gutenberg. 500 years ago he invented a printing press that had a movable type. We always wondered why it was called Gutenberg and now we know.

What are they hoping to change?

Now that Gutenberg has been released, the creators are expecting it to make things easier for designers to make amazing websites (just like yours). They are expecting the content creating to be easier for newbies to learn. With the new editor, you can see what you are designing as if you were looking at the live version of your site. No more code and checking the preview button. They wanted to give you more customizable options and get rid of the extra plugin to get the same results.

What are some of the worries about the new editor?

Some people do have worries about the editor because it can be hard to learn. It is VERY different from the usual editor and some think it is better to stay with the old version.  Some are worried that it’s not going to play well with some themes and plugins and that it may even break some sites with the new update. Some designers love it and some feel that it should have to be the default platform, but some feel that it should be something optional to install later.

Gutenberg has taken the WordPress world for a tailspin. Some like it and some don’t, but either way, Gutenberg is here to stay. We are sure there are more updates and features yet to come. So how about you? Which side of the fence are you on? Give it a try and let us know.

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