How Did They Find Me?

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How Did They Find Me?

So in this months blog, we talked about different Google Analytics information that you can get on your website. One that we talked about was how your customers are finding you. Finding your business online shouldn’t have to be like a game of “Where’s Waldo.” It should be easy, but you need to know details on how your current customers find you. We want to go a little more in-depth on what acquisition reporting gives you.


Search Console

So one of the best ways to see how people are finding you is to check the search console section in your Google Analytics report. This will let you know what keywords or phrases people are using to find your listing. Then you know what keywords are sending you the most traffic, which helps in building your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If you are running an SEO campaign to boost your search rankings, you definitely need to know what keywords people are using.


Google My Business

You have a Google My Business (GMB) right? If not you really should. This is one of the tools that will help you get found when people do a search for your industry. GA can track how many people are looking at your GMB listing. It also shows how many people are coming to your site from your GMB listing.


Knowing your keywords

You aren’t going to be found if you don’t go for the right keywords. Keywords tell Google and users what your site is all about. If you are using the wrong keywords, you won’t get as much exposure. Less exposure means less sales. Your GA will show you what keywords are working and then you know which keywords to replace. To see how other keywords are ranking, you can use an outside tool like SEMrush to do keyword research so you can make sure you are using the best keywords possible.


Your GA console is a wealth of knowledge just waiting for you to use. Take advantage of this free tool because you know other businesses are using it. This is one of the best ways to get your company out there and beat your competitors. Next week we will talk about how you can find out what people are looking at on your site.

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