How to Use Keywords

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How to Use Keywords

If you have heard anything about SEO I am sure you have heard the word “keywords” before. But do you know what keywords are and how they work? What can keywords do for your site? Let’s go a little more in detail about what keywords are and what they do.


What Are Keywords?


So in a nutshell, keywords are the words, or they can be phrases, that people use in the search bar in search engines. If you have ever Googled anything, those words you typed in are the keywords that the search engines use to find the information you are looking for.


How Do I Use Keywords


Now that you understand what a keyword is, let’s go more into how to use them and how they help you. When you are doing onsite SEO for your website, you will assign keywords to each page of your website. We recommend using the Yoast plugin. It is an invaluable tool for setting up your onsite SEO.


When you are assigning your keywords or key phrase (a string of words) you need to make sure each page has a different set of keywords. They can be similar but they need to have enough difference to count to Google. For example, you can use white sneakers on one page and white sneakers blue laces on another, and white sneakers red laces on another.  


What Do They Do For Me?


Keywords are important.  They let the search engines know what the page is about. If your keywords don’t match your content then they will hurt your SEO scores as people will report that you have wrong content. The search engines match your keywords to what people are searching for and this helps them find your pages.


Keywords are extremely important for having people find your pages. They are something you can do yourself and if you don’t know where to start there are programs to help you figure out what your page’s keywords could be. Google has a free tool called a Keyword Planner to help you decide on the best keywords for your site.  Check back with us next week as we go over page views, what they are and what they can tell you.

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