Introducing the Divi Theme

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ntroducing the divi theme

Every web designer has themes that they prefer to work with and the Divi theme is one of ours. There is so much that you can do with this theme. So, we are going to geek out a little bit and tell you why this theme is one of our favorites and why it can mean for your business.

What is Divi?

In a nutshell, Divi is a theme that is a complete drag and drop design. You can create a beautiful and professional website without coding anything. It has its own page builder so that you can visually see the site as you build it. As a product of Elegant Themes, this is a great theme for creating a website from scratch and not using a pre-built theme.

What using Divi means to the clients.

We can talk all day about what Divi is to designers, but we want to address how using Divi affects the client’s project. Since this theme offers real-time design it saves time as the designer doesn’t need to save or refresh all the time. This makes your project finish sooner. We can make your site super customized. Every element of your site has options and can be customized to fit your exact idea of what you want it to be.

As the site is built, Divi has responsive editing, which means that you can track all the changes that are made. Also, you can preview your changes before you save them and take them live, which allows you to adjust if something is not laying right. As you work these changes, Divi offers over twenty layout designs that are specifically designed for that theme. we can apply to your site if you want the layout or we can build one from scratch.

Talking about themes may seem confusing on why it’s important to you as a client. We look at it like this, the more you are informed about the product, the more you understand what can and can’t be done. With this understanding, the designer and you are more able to communicate, and it will make the initial design phase quicker. We all know that time is money and the sooner your website is up and running, the sooner your leads start bringing in money. We don’t want to overload you with too many details at once so next week we will go over some of the specialized plugins that you can suggest to your designer to really to really make your website POP.

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