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If you are using Google Analytics or any other type of metric tracking on your website, you are probably tracking and seeing your page views. Now page views are important and they give you great information, but they are not to be confused with visits. Let’s sit and go over page views and what they tell you.

What Is A Page View?

Google defines a page view as “an instance of a page being loaded (or reloaded) in a browser. Pageviews is a metric defined as the total number of pages viewed.” What this means is that a page view is literally when a page on your site is viewed. It is set for that one individual page, not the whole site.  The whole site is considered a visit. So the whole is a visit and each page gets their own page view number.

Why Do I Need To Know My Page Views?

That’s a good question. Page views tell you which pages of your website people are actually going to and opening.  If you are are running ads that lead to different pages, your page view count will tell you which ads are more successful. That way you can change your ads or your page content to draw more people to  your site.

Some people feel that page views is a lesser metric to watch, but it does give you good information about what is liked best about your site or ad. Knowing what is interesting to viewers can help you tailor your marketing for better conversions.  Join me next week as we go over the differences in paid traffic vs. organic traffic.


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