Make Your Website Branding On Point

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Make Your Website Branding On Point

Your website should do more than showcase your goods or services. It needs to make your brand stand out and be remembered. Remember, your website is your online calling card. You want people to think of you and your site when they need something in your industry. Is your website branding on point? No? Here is how you can make your website all about that brand.

Have a good logo.

This sounds super simple but you would be surprised at how important your logo really is. Make sure it looks professional and really represents your business. Sometimes the best logos are simple but catchy. It could be a memorable image or a great tagline. A quality logo may cost you money in the beginning but honestly, getting a professionally done logo is an important investment. Your logo should send the right statement about your business: that you are professional and memorable.

Set your color scheme.

 for your business that makes a statement. Color triggers memory and you want your customers to think of you when they see your color combinations. Make sure to use these colors in your logo and in the build of your website. These colors will become your signature brand. Think of it like a sports team. Each team has colors that are associated with them and you instantly think of that team when you see them. Customers will instantly think of your business when they see your color scheme

Consider your web design structure.

Your website is the first thing your customers see and interact with when they look for you. You need to consider your design very carefully. Look at what pages you want to tell about your business, your products/ services, any online ordering if wanted, and a way for them to contact you. The layout of these pages needs to flow and make sense. If a potential customer gets lost or confused they will leave and look for someone else. Keep it simple and easy to follow. A good way to do this is to think about how you feel when you are on a website that is too complicated and then make sure you don’t build it that way.

You also need to think about your design style. Most businesses want as much action and information as possible. Try to have a clean and clear style. You can take a minimalistic approach or add color and movement. Just don’t go overboard. Sometimes less is better. Too much color or too much movement will be overwhelming and will cause them to leave.

Have amazing content.

Once you have your colors, logo, style, and design figured out your content comes next. Your website still won’t be worth much if you don’t have the content that people want to see. Do your research and see what is attracting customers and what isn’t. Use your content to show that you are a leader in your industry and that your business knows what it’s doing.

In Conclusion

Website branding is essential to having a good online presence. When people refer you or tell their friends about your business, you want them to remember your brand. Think of how Wal-mart has the colors blue and white with using easily remembered icons: the yellow smiley face and they yellow burst. This is branding at it’s best.

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