Maximize Your Email Campaign for 2018

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Some business when they use email marketing struggle to get a good return on those emails.  They always ask questions like “How do I get more people to open them?” or “What good does this do for our advertising campaign?”  These are good questions and today we are going over seven great tips for email marketing that will help boost clicks and opens.


1. Split Testing

Split testing is indispensable for setting up a great email campaign. For those of you who do not know or understand split testing let us explain.  Think of your email marketing as a house and you want to paint the walls. You go to the store and get paint samples to compare which would look best.  This is split testing. You are changing small elements of your emails and sending out the the same audience to see what gets the best response. This will help dial in what wording and images work best.


2. Tell a Story

When sending emails to customers, you want to connect with them.  The best way to do that is to tell a story as your introduction. Grab their attention. Many customers feel that you can’t hook them in the first few lines then they won’t buy into your product or service.  Tell your story and let what you are selling come at the end of the email. Use the story to convince them to buy without a strong pitch.


3. Call To Action

As you are connecting to your audience, you want to sell your product or service without selling to them directly.  That may sound confusing but here is what we mean. Try putting a call to action in your footer. It gets attention without being too pushy.  


4. Welcome Emails

Having a great welcome email is an important part of your email campaign as it sets the tone for how your whole campaign will go.  You want to personalize your welcome email with the clients name. This makes them feel like they did not receive a cookie cutter email that everyone gets. Explain to them what is going to happen in your campaign and what they can expect to get.  Also let them know how you are going to make all that happen. If you offered them a free gift, this is the time to give it to them. Lastly, don’t hesitate to ask them what made them sign up in the first place.


5. Use the Right Verbiage

Google now has a promotions tab and that is one place you DON’T want your email to go.  You want to make sure your emails have the right wording. Avoid using words like free, low-risk, winner, etc. which can cause Google to mark your email as spam and get it filed in the promotions tab.  Try to add a message to your emails asking subscribers to add your email address to their address book.


6. Segmentation is Key

Make sure you segment your lists and are only sending the content to the right people.  You don’t want to be sending content that, for example, is focused on web design when they are subscribed for content services.  This will lose clicks and opens as the information doesn’t pertain to them. You can include options in your emails to determine what the readers are interested in.


7. Measure Your Email Success

Everyone measures their email success rate by how many clicks and opens they get.  Is that really an effective way? Try using click reach and open reach instead.  An example would be to check the number of readers that opened and clicked your emails in the last 30 days.  Then segment your lists based on that information to tailor your list to match active readers.


Email campaigns can be effective if used correctly.  However it does take experimentation to find the right way that will work for you business.  For additional help on email marketing for your business read our “9 {Easy} Email Marketing Tips to Boost Your Small Business” post.

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