New Year New Focus

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new year new focus

Hello to 2015!  If you are like me you just love a fresh start!  And hello to New Year’s Resolutions Goals! We are smack dab in the middle of the first full work week after the holiday.  Have you took inventory over your business strategy?  Specifically your marketing strategy?  Marketing your business may be last on your list but trust me when I say it does not have to be a daunting task!  Here are a few ways to…


Refocus your Marketing Strategy for 2015

  1. Take inventory of your social media accounts. Did you rock your Facebook page but forgot about Twitter? Which posts/tweets/updates engaged your audience the most?  All in all, what worked and what did not for your brand/business? If you haven’t set up any social media accounts for your business, I highly recommend you stop right now and sign up!  They are free to do and will grow your online impact.
  2. Review your site analytics.  Hopefully you are seeing regular reports from your website about it’s traffic?  No? Google Analytics is free and easy to set up!  Do this now or contact your web designer to have it added to your site.  Paying attention to your site’s analytics allow you to paint a real-time picture of your audience.  You can learn where they come from, what they look at and where they drop off at.  This allows you to take action with your current site’s content and tailor it to your audience.
  3. Discontinue apps, add-ons, monthly opt-ins, etc. that are draining your bank account without any return.  Are you paying for something monthly without using it?  $10 a month may not see like a lot when you signed up, but a year later and you haven’t used it is a problem.  By cutting out these expenses you are able to refocus your Marketing Budget to something you are in need of.  For example, mailchimp.  I just love mailchimp!  And I love it even more after buying into their packages.  Now, I get automation, SocialPro, and their logo can be removed from my emails!
  4. Write out your top 5 from 2014.  List the top 5 areas in your marketing that increased sales last year?  What are top 5 areas of marketing efforts that did not work?  Top 5 areas of marketing that needed more attention and had great potential on return?
  5. Lastly, write out your top 5 for 2015. What are your top 5 areas in marketing that you want to emphasize in the new year (Facebook, Blog, Email Marketing, etc)?  Then write out the top 5 specific goals for each of those 5 areas you just listed.

That is it.  An easy but effective approach in refocusing your Marketing Strategy for 2015!

Happy Planning!


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