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Google is like a librarian. We tell the librarian what we’re looking for, and he/she searches in the blurbs about the books (think: back of the book summary) using keywords related to what I’m looking for.  The librarian quickly pulls the books that are most relevant to my topic and hands those to me. Google does the same thing only with meta descriptions and digital sources. 

Meta descriptions are like the backs of the books: Enough of a summary to make me want to open the book. Without them, we either can’t find the “book” (i.e., the link) at all online, or we can’t tell if the link is worth the click. 


  • How meta descriptions help your articles gain traffic
  • What are the key elements to remember when writing your descriptions
  • How to add meta descriptions to your site (hint: we use Yoast and have a blog post on how to install it) 



WPW: https://raneydaydesign.com/how-to-add-a-meta-description-to-a-website-page/

SEO podcast: Take SEO for your site a step further: https://raneydaydesign.com/podcast/the-four-fundamentals-of-seo/


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