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Raney Day Talks 01: Overcoming Fear

It’s happened!  We have launched our first Raney Day Talks podcast episode!

Raney Day Talks 01: Overcoming Fear

Hey there. Grab your coffee and let’s talk business. How to grow it, how to sustain it and how to harness the wonderful world wide web to do it. With me your host, Jennifer Sakowski.

Episode 01 we break down 3 items to overcome Fear in operating your business.

Thank you to our Sponsor

A huge thank you to Mark Levander of Mark Levander Productions for sponsoring season one of Rainy Day Talks. It truly is because of Mark that we’re able to put these podcasts in our YouTube channel and a lot of our videos and load the animations together. So, if you’re interested in launching your own podcast or need work with photography or videography, please contact Mark through MarkLavanderProductions.com.

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