Raney Day Talks 11: PSA :: You got 90 DAYS!

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New Ep, You have 90 days!

Hello, welcome to a very unexpected podcasts episode for today. I wasn’t going to publish any for today. I actually missed yesterday was national podcast day. Not to go into the details but we’ve just been really inundated with projects and had some changes take place within my business. We’ve been trying to not drop any balls and this morning I woke up and it’s October 1st. We have 90 days left in this year and I thought there is no excuses. We have to turn a podcast. We have to turn an episode because I’ve got stuff on my heart to share. And the number one thing is what are you going to do for the next 90 days to change your course, to change your business, to change your life, to get ready for a new year.

You got 90 days!

I shared this with my team during our weekly Huddle. Side bar, if you don’t meet with your team regularly, I really encourage you to do so. This morning are wrapped out our 90 day focus. Our 90 day theme is  “G S Dget stuff done. (Obviously you can change out the S to whatever you feel comfortable with). But for us it is get stuff done. We have open projects that are coming up to deadlines that we need to close. We have a couple clients that I want to bring in and get them locked in for the rest of the year. We have 5 internal items that we need to address and it all comes around to laying the foundation of our business to get ready for next year. This year was hard. September was hard and as I went through this morning and started off the day with my gratitudes, writing out my goals and taking some time with Jesus. It was really pressed upon me that there is no excuses. So if you are one that’s sitting there and saying, “Jen, I don’t have enough time” or “I don’t know how I’m going to get things done”. Here’s my answer, There are no excuse. Pulling a quote from an awesome gentleman by the name of Jocko,
“Excuses are LIES”. So whatever you’re telling yourself, whatever’s holding you back right now, I want you to set them aside. And just do the thing. Just like this episode, I don’t have any notes written out for this. All I know is that someone needs to hear this. 

We have 90 days to make an impact. So whatever you started out with January 1st and you haven’t done yet, or you haven’t started… It’s time to get busy. I’d love for you to come on the podcast and let’s talk about some of those issues or what hurdles that you’ve had to face and/or what fears that are holding you back. Please jump in my Facebook group. Find me online. Find me on Instagram or go to raneydaydesign.com and shoot me a message because I would love to hear it.  I’d love to talk them out with you. And I would love to encourage you on how to break through, because time is of an essence. We have 24 hours in a day. So how are you going to use it?

Today, it was the realization of, “Oh my gosh guys, we got to get some stuff done”. I don’t want to be in this position this time next year, writing down the same tasks or writing out the same goals. I want to accomplish something. For me to take my business where I want it to be, I have to GSD immediately. So that is my call out and my PSA today. 

One of the things that I know that has been a struggle for most of my Facebook Group is social media. So if you want to jump into my challenge, I’m starting a 90 day social media challenge to encourage people to get over the fear of posting.  Drop into my Facebook group and join. Then look for a form to fill out. We’re using air table to organize everything. Everyone will be able to check off their daily posts. So there’s no excuses. And what fun is it when you have other people to encourage you? To be honest, I’m a competitor, so anytime that I have to, I’m competing with someone else. It’s gonna make me better, ask my girlfriend Steph who I work out with every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. It’s just how I’m hardwired. 

So let us help you. To wrap up this very brief, very to the point podcast, I really want to encourage you. You have 90 days. Let’s get it done. Make your list, set out your goals, get your team on board, whatever you need to do, just get it done. That’s it for today.

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