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Rockstar Reviews:
Boost Your Business with Stellar Online Ratings and Reviews

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Collecting online reviews affords many benefits that can supercharge your business! They provide social proof, build brand trust and authority, improve SEO, and more.

Online reviews are the feedback and opinions customers directly share about products, services, businesses, or experiences. They can appear on review websites, social media, and e-commerce platforms. They’re typically written by customers who’ve had firsthand experience with your
business – providing honest feedback about your products and services.

Why are online reviews so rockin’ powerful?

Online reviews give potential customers Lizzo-level confidence! The additional information and social proof provided about your business help people to decide, “THIS is where I want to buy.” Research demonstrates the power of online reviews to amp up your business. Check out these groovy statistics:


of consumers read local online business reviews


of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations


of potential buyers read reviews before making purchase decisions

Customers are 2.7 times more likely to believe a business is reputable if it has a complete business profile on Google Search and Maps

Online users are 70% more likely to visit a business with a complete Google Business Profile

Joan Jett may not give a dan(g) about her reputation, but – even though you’re a business rockstar – what gives her an edge could devastate yours. Collecting and managing your online reviews is a simple yet powerful way to gain a competitive edge. They can make – or break! – your business’s reputation.

One positive review can boost your reputation and drive more traffic to your business. A single bad review has the potential to devastate your business. EEK! Which is why you need a plan to gain favorable reviews and deal with negative ones should any pop up.

What is Online Review Management?

Online review management puts the spotlight on your business. It’s the process of proactively collecting, monitoring, analyzing, and responding to customer reviews online. It includes strategies and tactics for effectively managing the perception of your brand online.

Online review management helps you monitor and fine-tune your online reputation in a number of ways:

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    Pick up the tone. Our plans include tools that allow you to monitor all the reviews and comments customers leave on various platforms, such as Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, and more. This makes it easy to keep track of what customers are saying about your business and identify areas for improvement.

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    Pass the mic back and forth with your audience. Our review management services help you to respond to reviews and comments left by customers, which can help to build relationships with customers and show you care about their feedback – which creates loyal fans. Responding promptly and professionally to negative reviews helps
    to mitigate the impact of any negative feedback, keeping your reputation intact.

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    Track the composition of your reviews. Our review management services provide analytics and insights to help you understand how you’re performing in terms of online reputation. This can include metrics such as the number of reviews received, the overall sentiment of those reviews, and the effectiveness of your response strategies.

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    We get in touch with the local authorities. If you have a local business, we help you optimize your website for local search. We’ll optimize your Google My Business profile, building local citations, and optimizing your website for location-based keywords. Local SEO can be a powerful way to increase your website traffic. 

These four “notes” help you ensure harmony between your business brand and its reputation. Overall, online review management is a powerful tool for monitoring and amplifying your online reputation. By proactively managing your online stage presence and responding promptly to customer feedback builds stronger relationships with customers and improves your overall brand reputation.

The Benefits of Using Online Review Management Services

We can help you keep your audience in sync.

Effective online review management can rocket you to the top of the charts! It’s essential for maintaining a positive online reputation, building trust with your customers, and addressing concerns promptly. Plus, leveraging positive feedback can help new customers crowd surf straight to your door.

Finally, online review management can result in Freddie Mercury-like “crowd control.” It involves proactive engagement with customers and a commitment to delivering excellent products and services based on the insights gained from customer reviews.

Our Online Review Management Service

If you want to have a rockstar edge over your local competitors, we have a “secret” way to help you: Get more groupies.

That is, we help our clients gather more online reviews quickly.

What's included in our email review funnel:

The stage: Your review landing page to capture leads and collect reviews.

Fan mail: Your personalized review request email to send to clients.

The Tune-Up: Your review feedback form for handling negative reviews where you can direct customers.

Just as the Beatles’ “overnight success” was actually built over time, playing in clubs, review management also needs some time to get into the groove. Our review management plans require a six-month commitment because online fame isn’t instant. (But trust us: When you see how we can help your audience sing your praises, you’ll want to stick around for the encore.)

Let’s have a jam sesh! Boogie on over to our calendar and let us audition to be your online reviews management team.

Online reviews can have a significant impact on your brand’s perception and your business’s success.

But review management can take longer than learning to play the guitar as well as Prince (okay, not quite). And you’d probably rather spend your time on the key (see what we did there?) elements of your business than spend it constantly monitoring and tracking your reviews.

Let us orchestrate your online reviews management. We can help you maintain your rockstar reputation, gain more groovy reviews, and drum up more business.

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