Selling For The New Year Craze

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RDD 12.18.18 Blog

The new year is almost here. But do you know how to make your business stand out during the shopping craze? It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of all the businesses doing advertising and trying to have that one last push for sales for 2019. Here are some ways you can stand out from the crowd.

Send a quick New Year’s email. 

One way to beat everyone out before the advertising frenzy begins is to contact your leads before everyone else. Send out a New Year’s email before the actual new year begins. This way your advertising is noticed sooner and is less likely to be lost in the flood that comes later. Potential customers will have a better chance of remembering your business than one that comes in at the same time as 100 others.

Send a quick New Year’s email. 

Gain your business some attention by customizing your social media channels. Create eye-catching ads like creating countdown ads, like “10 more days of 2018!” You could even promote a time-specific post encouraging people to purchase before time runs out. This will create the urgency for your potential customers to make an impulse buy, letting you beat out the competition.

Run a special New Year’s campaign. 

 The year may be ending but your business isn’t. Run a marketing campaign that highlights a specific product or service for the month of January. This is the time that people are making New Year’s resolutions and who knows, maybe your business will give them just what they are looking for. After you get them looking, offer some complementing products and go for the upsell.

Dress for Success.

Everyone has heard the line “You need to dress for success.” This old adage is true, though. If you aren’t dressed the right way, you can lose sales. And by dress, we are talking about your website. Give your website some love and pampering with a new facelift. Take the time to update your site and keep it current. Keep in mind – “If you build it, they will come.” – Field of Dreams,1989

Content, content, content. 

Creating new content is a great way to showcase new products or services for the upcoming year. You could also give more information and really show how current products and services give the buyer great value. If you show the value, they will be more inclined to buy it. Educate them on the product/service and tell them the benefits of it and then give them a deal they can’t pass up.

The New Year doesn’t have to be stressful and a fight to be on top. By getting a jump on the competition and giving people information and deals, you will be easier to remember. By having your business forefront in people’s minds, they will associate the product or service with your company, no matter where they hear about it. Sit back and enjoy the new year while you are anticipating great sales for 2019.

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