Setting Goals for The New Year

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Setting Goals for The New Year

It’s the time of year when business owners start to set their goals for the new year. Do you know what you want your business to achieve in 2019? Let’s look at some realistic goals you can set to start your year strong.

Make specific goals. 

It sounds so redundant to say be specific with your goals, but most business owners will set broad goals. An example is “I want to increase my sales.” Okay, but let’s get more specific. Say “I want to increase my sales by 20%.” This gives you a specific number you want to hit. This will allow you to focus and strive to meet your goal than keeping it too open as just increase sales.

Keep things realistic and attainable. 

Most of the time when setting your goals, you want to reach for the moon. While this is admirable, it’s not practical. Start with baby steps. Then you are encouraged as you meet those goals and can set larger goals. If you set your goal too large and don’t succeed, then you are going to feel let down that you didn’t make your goal.

Give yourself a time limit.

Just as you want to give customers an urgency to purchase, give your self some urgency to accomplish your goal. Set a time limit for when you want to see your goal achieved. Make sure it’s a realistic time frame. You aren’t going to hit page one on Google in a week. Make your time frame attainable and give other goals the same treatment. This is a great encouragement to meet your goals for the year.

Comfortable is good, but try to challenge yourself.

It’s good to set goals you know you can achieve and have in the past. This gives you a healthy sense of satisfaction. But don’t forget to add a few goals that are new to you. Challenge yourself and your business to meet these goals and stretch your comfort zone a little. This will push you and your business to grow and evolve instead of staying stagnant.

Setting good business goals is like setting good personal goals. They need to be something you can meet while setting yourself up for success. Write your goals down on a large piece of paper or a whiteboard. Check them off as you get them done and feel proud about what you have accomplished. Next week we will recap our year, and talk about how you can recap yours.

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