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5 Tips to BOOST your TWITTER Following

5 Tips to BOOST your TWITTER Following

By Raney Day Design | June 1, 2016

This article, “5 tips to boost your Twitter following” is a follow up from our previous post, “5 Tips to BOOST your FACEBOOK Following“. Getting started with Twitter can seem like an overwhelming task.  Lately we’ve heard, “I can only use 140 characters?” and “I have to use the pound sign?”  [Yes! Those…

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10 Ways to Come Up with Blog Topics

10 Easy Ways to Come Up with Blog Topics

By Raney Day Design | May 17, 2016

The white expanse of the blank page stretches before you like a lonely tundra.  The cursor winks at you as if it knows exactly what you’re thinking.   “What in the world should I blog about?”   We’ve all been there – the dreaded writer’s block – but we’re here to…

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5 Tips to boost your facebook following

5 Tips to BOOST your FACEBOOK Following

By Raney Day Design | April 12, 2016

Come on!  Everyone is doing it!  There is nothing to be scared of.  Don’t be nervous… What is it?  Facebook! It is time for you to grow your business’ following.  Facebook is HUGE and there is no reason for your business not to be active on it.  Don’t believe me?  Here…

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Facebook Tip :: Adding A Call-To-Action Button

By Raney Day Design | June 24, 2015

Facebook has been working on adding new tools for business page owners and here is one that can help drive traffic to your site! How To Add A Call-To-Action Button to your Facebook Page:  1. Log into Facebook and navigate to your Facebook Page 2. Click on “Create Call to…

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How To: Schedule Messages using HootSuite

By Raney Day Design | April 3, 2014

It’s no lie, we need help too sometimes.  We understand how working ‘in’ your business gets in the way of working ‘on’ your business.  Especially when it comes to marketing your business online. As in posting messages to your social networks. Remember when we mentioned some of our favorite small…

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Creating Lists in Twitter

By Raney Day Design | March 11, 2014

Now that you are using Twitter, ever feel overwhelmed with keeping up on your news feed?  Struggle to stay active with certain Twitter friends?  Try sorting who you follow into lists!  Here’s how… Log into your Twitter account Click on ‘Me’ Click ‘Lists’ on the left Here you can manage/…

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