WordPress Pitfalls: Avoid These Auto-Installed Plugins for a Faster, Cleaner Site

By RDD Support | June 12, 2024

When starting with WordPress, it’s important to be cautious about certain plugins that may come pre-installed or get automatically installed alongside other plugins. Here are some examples of plugins you should consider avoiding: 1. Hello Dolly Why to avoid: It’s a very simple plugin that displays a random lyric from…

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WordPress Wednesday Tip 28: How to create a form with Gravity Forms

WordPress Wednesday Tip 28: How to Create a Form with Gravity Forms

By Raney Day Design | September 27, 2017

Almost every single website you visit includes at least one form somewhere on the site.  Chances are, yours does too.  Whether they provide visitors a simple way to contact you, sign up for your newsletter, or submit an order, forms are an essential part of your site and overall marketing…

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Fixing Link Text Appearing with a Strikethrough

WordPress Wednesday Tip #14 – Fixing Link Text Appearing with a Strikethrough

By Raney Day Design | February 15, 2017

Have you ever been scrolling through the front end of your site and noticed text appearing with strikethrough? You know that you didn’t add it, so what’s going on?  If you have a broken link plugin installed on your site, this is telling visitors that the link is broken. But…

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