The Power of Blogs

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the power of blogs

Many business owners feel that posting blogs is a waste of time (or money if you are paying someone else to write them). However, they are a powerful part of getting your business recognized and getting your website to rank higher. In truth, if you are posting blogs you have a 434% chance of ranking higher than a website that doesn’t post  (Tech Client). That is a crazy amount of leads that you can get just by ranking higher. Let’s look at some other reasons that blogging is important.


Increases your search engine traffic. 

Blogs can help your website rank higher in search engines, which will increase your traffic. Think of it as going fishing. The more you have out there, the more hooks you have, and the more fish or leads you will get. You can use your blogs to help you rank for different keywords, giving you a broader search base.


Connects people with your brand. 

When you write about your company, brand, or industry you are connecting with people on a real level. They begin to see you as an individual instead of a cold, emotionless company. Your blogs let you talk about issues, concerns, and good news that your leads can relate to and understand. Doing this will build trust in your brand and will encourage your customers to bring in more leads for you as they will share your blogs.


Supports your social media campaign. 

Blogs are a great supporting role for your social media campaign. You can refer people back to your blogs for more information as well as use those blogs to give little teasing nuggets to get people back to your page. You can also use parts of your blogs in a newsletter to build up to leads base.


Gives you credibility and authority. 

When you create blogs based on your industry, you are showing your potential customers, or current customers, that you know what you are talking about. You show them that you are an authority in your industry. This gives your business credibility that customers are safe with your company and that you will do the job right.


Improves your conversion rates. 

Blogs show that your business is still in business. It tells leads that you are committed to your company and that you want their business. However, you need to keep this consistent. We have stressed this before in past blogs, and it is still just as crucial. If you keep your blogs consistent then you are showing that you love your company. Customers become accustomed to getting your blogs at a certain time and if you don’t, they will find another company. High-quality blogs will convince leads to complete your call to action as well as build that all-important brand loyalty.


Blogs are so powerful for your website and SEO. They have the power to build you up as well as make you fall. If you were consistent and then fall off, your ranking will go down as fewer people will come to your site. Blogs tell your customers that your site is fresh and has up to date information. Use blogs to your advantage and harness the power of high-quality blogs. Next week we will talk about why your website should be mobile friendly.

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