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Understanding Bounce Rates

What are bounce rates and why is it important to know? A bounce rate is basically stating that someone came to your website and did nothing before leaving. In a nutshell, they came, they saw, they left. When you have a high bounce rate it means that your home page (or which ever you have set as the first page they see) is not relevant or enticing to them and they leave.

What Is Considered a Bounce?

Some examples of what Google considers a bounce is having the viewer click on a link on your website that leads to another website other than yours. If you have the link set up to open in the same tab, it means that viewer is leaving your site. To reduce this from happening make sure all your links open in a new tab. This leaves your site up on the current tab, giving you a larger record of time the viewer was on your site.

Other ways viewers bounce is by hitting the back button, typing in a new URL, or the session times out and the page never connects. The best way to reduce your bounce rate is to create pages that are engaging and relevant to the viewer. Make sure your call to action is easy to see and matches what your content is on the page.

Little tweaks are all that are needed to reduce your bounce rate and get more viewers to convert on your website. You can learn what changes need to be made by understanding what goes on behind the scenes of your website. Next week we will talk about Google Analytics and why it should be on your website.  


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