Understanding Content Volume

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Understanding Content Volume

We all know that content is king when it comes to marketing, but how much content is too much or too little? If you’re not publishing/posting something new, valuable, and worth paying attention to every single day, then you’re losing valuable leads. Let’s talk more about content volume and what it means for your business.


Quality Over Quantity.

We all hear that to win customers you need to publish, post, and update your content constantly. While this is the right idea, you need to make sure you are giving out quality content. If you are just posting for posting’s sake, then you are more likely to lose customers as the content won’t be interesting and may not even fit with your brand. Make sure your content is geared toward your business and industry.  People pick and choose what they like and what to ignore. There needs to be a balance in finding the right content to publish that will engage your audience, customers, and brand enthusiasts


Don’t Overspend.

Back in the day, expense meant quality. That is not so true today. You could spend $35,000 on an ad and get one that looks cheap and doesn’t convert. On the other hand, you could spend $500 and get an amazing ad that has leads rolling in. Do your research on the company you hire to do your content. Request examples of their work and make sure the price you are paying is worth it.


Be Consistent.

This is something that sounds easy, but you would be surprised at how many businesses don’t produce consistent content. If you keep your content posting consistent, then you are training your customers to come back and read your new content. Viewers consider the newest content to be the most reliable, so if you are constantly posting, they will see you as a leader in your industry. When you keep your customers coming back, they are more likely to refer you to their friends, which creates leads for you.


Content is something that is often ignored as a way to generate leads. However if you can put the time into creating good, quality content it will be a boost to your lead generation strategy. If you don’t have the time to develop content, there are many marketing companies that will help you curate content and handle the posting for you. Next week we will tell you which content will gather more leads: written or video content.

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