How to Utilize Facebook

Facebook ButtonI have Facebook for my business, but how do I best utilize it?  Don’t worry!  We’re here to give pointers on how to best use your Facebook page for your business!

  1. Have regular posting day where you make general announcements; like when a new product is coming out, business events, or special sales.
  2. Share pictures of the process that must be used to make your product.  People like visual aids so they know precisely what went into it, and what was done.
  3. If your employees (if any) ‘Like’ the company’s Facebook page, post when one of them has a birthday.  You’re more of a family, and customers like to know that employees are appreciated (the employees do too).
  4. Every other day, post funny or inspirational quotes for the customers to enjoy.  It lets them know that you care how their day is going.

And there you have it!  That’s how you can best use your company’s Facebook page.  Try to view it through the eyes of the customer, and think what would they like to see?   We’re all about customer service.  We want them to have a wonderful experience, so we give them something creative, colorful, and fun to look at.  Now, go and take your Facebook page to a whole new level!

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