Video Content vs Written Content

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Video Content vs Written Content

Every business owner knows that a marketing campaign is important to their business. Do you know which content to use to maximize your marketing strategy? There is a lot of debate on which content is best, video content or written content. Really, you have to decide which content is going to work for you. Let’s look at some things to consider when you are deciding how to present your content.


Know who you are marketing to.

The first thing you need to do is send out both types of content. This will give you the testing to see which type of content your viewers will respond to. This will help you tailor your marketing strategy to one that will get you the most leads possible.


Use the right content media for the right concept.

If your content concept would be better explained using a visual, try using video to share your content. This could mean explaining how a product works or showing it in action. Use video if the impact of the content will be lost if it is given in text form. Studies show that most viewers are visual learners.


Make your content stand out from the rest.

Everyone is putting out content and you need to make sure your content stands out from the crowd, whether written or video. Many businesses are putting out one-off content and the best way for you to get more attention is to create a content series. If you have a series of articles to read or videos to watch, your viewers will keep coming back to view your content.


If you use video, make sure your viewers can hear.

One common mistake in creating video content is to have poor audio. Creating video content is easier than it was in the past and you don’t need a professional to create your videos. That being said, make sure the device you are using has good audio because if your viewers can’t hear your message, then they won’t be coming back for more. Also, remember who you are marketing to and plan your video accordingly.  Make sure to use the proper background area and the right clothing to connect with your audience.


Video content vs. written content is a long debate but the real answer as to which is better really belongs to you. Do your testing to see which brings more attention. Your content strategy will help bring in more leads which will bring more customers to your business. Next week we will talk more about setting your content strategy by figuring out how often to post your blogs and social media.

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