Not a "One Size Fits All" Solution

In business, we are all in different seasons.  This is why we offer an array of services, at different price points.
We help businesses create lead-generating websites, no matter what season they’re in.

What Can We Help You With?

RDD Support

Do-It-Yourself WordPress Site

Done! Check our Raney Day Sites do-it-yourself WordPress web
builder to create a professional yet budget-friendly website. It’s perfect for entrepreneurs looking to manage their site themselves.

RDD Support

Custom Website Design

Great! We’ll design and develop a website specifically to meet your needs. Custom websites are flexible to grow as your business grows backed with SEO best practices.

RDD Support

E-Commerce Website

Awesome – you’re selling products and/or services online!  Let's design and develop an e-commerce website that provides a great customer service experience, from adding products to a cart through payment received.

Your website is crucial to your business. It generates leads, customers, and revenue (or at least it should). It’s a channel through which customers, suppliers, potential new staff, and partners find you and engage with you. It is fundamental to the success of your business, so you need the peace of mind that comes with knowing it will be up and running for your audience 24/7, without interruption.

Our monthly Website Care Plans give you that peace of mind. Website Care Plans are our version of monthly website management. Find out more [here].




You can probably guess what happens here.  We ask a bunch of questions and start mapping out the plan for your new website. We offer in-person and online meetings.


Design & Develpment

From designing the mockup to developing a live prototype for your approval we have check-ins and approvals along the way! (By the way, did we mention our sites are built for SEO and built on WordPress?)



After final testing, QA'ing, and your approval we hit launch! Ongoing site love and support are available! We love continuing with our website projects providing ongoing care that includes security, backups, updating software and allotted monthly support time.

Your Website Should Always be Open

If your website isn't bringing leads to your doorstep then it's not working FOR you.

We believe every business can use the internet to increase sales with the right strategy in place. We are on a mission to create the strategy, implement the tools needed, and make each client successful through lead generation.

It all starts with your website.  Let's talk.

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About Us

We believe every business can leverage the internet to increase sales with the right strategy. We are on a mission to create the strategy and implement the right tools to help every client succeed through lead generation.

Raney Day Design is a full-service digital marketing company. In translation, we are a group of creative designers, writers, marketers, and specialists with one goal in mind. To help your business succeed through proven marketing methods that achieve real results. It also means we guarantee each design, project, and meeting will be packed with as much energy as you can handle (also lots of love and coffee). Let's get and let creativity rain.

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